1500 today

Busted the 1k in a big pot on Saturday. Kjc vs aj on j457 ccc board. Grinding online yday. Nothing doing.

Today is the 1500. Three more events before the main then it’s off to the real world. Glglglglglglglgl

Playing 1k today

Busted the 1500 yesterday. Glglglgl

Off day/FTP Espana Final Table video

Today is an off day – Jess and I will run a few errands, maybe head to the spa. Just going to lounge around and enjoy the weather.

Migu, my Spanish friend and heads-up opponent from the FTP Espana Final Table was nice enough to send me links to the first episode of our final table which aired in Spain yesterday. Everything is in Spanish, so I’m a little clueless at times, but its still fun to watch, especially when they show my spinning profile (lolol). Notice how I attempt to play as much postflop poker as possible whereas everyone else just goes nuts preflop every hand.

Without further adieu:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:



One interesting hand from today that I posted on 2+2 – you can see it here:


Then raised 99, flatted in sb & bb. 2 3 7 Check check, I bet, sb folds bb is good online player that 2.3x’s my bet and I fold. He had 77.

Last 2k, i turn two pair on aj97 board vs 810. GG. I’ve learned that you basically need to win your first few pots in these things. Totally fine with busting today, just one of those days…

Back on the horse

Playing the 1500 NL today. Looking to build on my success from the past few days. I will post a few hands in the coming days, one in particular, that just boggled my mind.

I want to thank everyone for the support I received over the last 60 hours. Hopefully I can make a few more deep runs for myself and for everyone else.

The interesting thing about yesterday is that after getting through 3000+ people, I wasn’t even that upset to bust. Sure, it was unpleasant, but I did a lot with the situations I was given. I wasn’t dealt too many hands (AA once in 3 days). I won 2 very important flips, lost 1 at the beginning of day 3 that crippled me and did everything I could to survive. I am pleased with the way my game came together – I just need a few other things to take hold to make the final table. I did flop some monster hands on day 2, but that was only after playing a ton of pots. The more flops I saw (in other words, the more hands I opened) the more opportunity I had to flop big. That doesn’t mean I was spewy cally preflop, rather I was the initial raiser in most instances.

Jess gets in tonight – really excited for her to arrive. Alright, time to get back on that horse. My series has officially started…

Busto in 12th

A5 button jam with 20bb. Bb woke up with 99. Card dead all day. Oh well, happy with my play considering the pittster structure. Thanks for all the support guys.


Time to get lucky

273k at break

Lost flip aq vs tt. On the grind

day 3

for day 3 updates, go to:


GL me. All it takes is one event to turn my series around.

511k going into day 3

38 left. i am 3rd in chips. really tired right now so im not going to discuss any hands. the structure of this tournament is the pitts, so i will come back as 3rd in chips with 50bb (oh well).

All it takes is one…