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Blinds jump again to 3 6. Just got moved to a soft table where I am cl. Gogogo

144,100 at next break

Blinds r about to jump to 1500 3000. Check 1k updates for more updates as they r now covering me.

72600 at dinner break

181 left. Blinds will be 800 1600. Let’s gogogogo.

day 2 today

There are about 455 people left in today’s event and I’m around 40th. The money bubble is around 324, so it shouldn’t take long to get there. But, I could care less about cashing – I’m here to make a deep run. I keep telling myself all it takes is one event to turn everything around. Hopefully I find my table as soft as it was on Saturday.

Let’s discuss a few hands from day 1:

Starting with 3k, my stack was around 2500 when I opened QJo from mid position. I was almost minraising throughout the entire day, so I was getting a lot of calls from the blinds (and playing pots in position). I open to 125 at 25 50 and both blinds call. Flop comes 237. Sb checks and BB leads for 300. I elect to call. My opponent is not repping any hand really – he almost never has a strong hand because he would be check raising in this spot. Plus, I picked up weakness from the way he bet and his demeanor. Obviously, one could argue for a raise, but I decided that he might just say to himself that I don’t have anything and reraise (in other words, a weak player looks at a dry board like this, he doesn’t consider the fact that I know he has nothing, he only thinks about the fact that I can’t have anything). If I had any hand here, I’d most likely call to keep the SB in and also to allow my opponent to keep bluffing. The sb folded and the turn was a J (2 3 7 J). My opponent led for 600. Great spot to just call. He still isn’t repping anything. If he has a 7, he should be afraid of the J. If he has 44, 55, 66, he should be afraid of the J. In other words, he should be slowing down at some point. River is a 9 (2 3 7 J 9) and my opponent bets 1200. I only have 1500 left so I’m basically calling for my tournament life. I read him for weakness, he is never repping anything and he chose not to go all in (and instead just bet most of my stack). All of this adds up to a call in my book. I call and he doesn’t even show his hand. Just goes, “nice hand” and flips his hand into the muck.

I chipped up without a showdown from 5k to 8k when the following hand came up vs the same player. He kept mentioning that I was playing a lot of hands and that I was consistent in my minraising. He was obviously getting upset over my play. I finally look down at KK and make it 625 at 150 300. He calls in position and the flop comes 2 6 9. I make my normal cbet of 800 and my opponent immediately says, “I’m all in.” I snap call and flip over my KK so fast everyone at the table is kind of in shock. My opponent flips up AJ. The board runs out without an A and I double to 17000ish. Silence falls over the table – everyone is just kind of looking around. I’ve gotten my opponent to spew after finally frustrating him all day. He leaves the table to take a smoke break and just like that, I have chips to run people over. I grind my stack up to 22k by winning a ton of small pots and go on break feeling good.

The next big hand is nothing more than a flip – a flip that I finally win. The other competent player at the table, a good kid makes it 900 to go right after break from late position. I look down at AQ on the button and make it 2350. This looks to be a really good spot for me knowing that I should almost always be light in this spot. I have the button and it’s right after break. My opponent jams 18k total into the pot. I take my time, decide I wasn’t planning on folding and that he could be value shoving a lot of worse hands and a ton of bluffs. I call, he flips up 99, flops a set, I flop a flush draw and straight draw and get there on the turn. Ship the 40ishk. I win a few more pots and end the day with 41575.

Today should be fun. I’ll try to keep my blog updated with some more pics of chipstack, as long as things are going well.

All it takes is one…

Day 2: 1k

Made day two of the 1k. We start on Monday at 2:30, so I’ll have some time between now and then to write a more detailed post. I have 41,575 going into day 2. Blinds will be 300 600 for another 30 minutes. You start with 3k, so 41 is pretty solid. Like I said before, all it takes is one.

Grinding online all day tomorrow. Weeeeeeeee

8200 at dinner break

Posting against my better jinxable judgement. I have lots of green ones lol

All it takes is one

I don’t care how poorly the series has gone for me, it dawned on me: all it takes is one. One.

1k donkshow today.

busto to tsoprano (brock parker) in first round

don’t even want to get into it right now, but the guy runs hotter than the sun. final hand: 57 vs 79 on 568q4 board. ill post rest of hands tomorrow before the 1k.

tournament starts at 5PM today

I’ll update my blog if I win/lose my first match from my iphone…

BTW, Phil Ivey was sitting at the table next to me for most of the day yesterday in the 5k. It’s really funny to sit near him for a couple of reasons:

1. He was live multitabling between this tournament and the 2500 HA tournament which basically means he was running back and forth between tournaments and blinding off a ton. His stack was dwindling, but literally every time he came back to the table, he doubled. I kept looking over to see his stack just grow – he must have won at least a few flips. Apparently, he ended the day in both tournaments with healthy stacks.

2. Both of our tables were right on the rail, and I could tell whenever he was back from the other event because all of a sudden, there would be spectators 3-4 people deep. Literally just 20-40 people showed up out of nowhere whenever he was playing next to us – people just staring at him, taking pictures and whispering to each other. Much like watching Tiger Woods at a golf tournament, these people were just enthralled by Phil Ivey’s transcendental state.

But, remember poker is not really a spectator sport, so there is very little to see. It’s gotta be somewhat strange to be him – he is a celebrity now. The funniest part is that the people who stand there watching have got to be the ‘donkiest’ looking players ever. It’s as if every donk not playing in the event is hovering around Ivey’s table just to be a part of the game. Old people with cameras trying to get a glimpse of the cool character that they see on TV. But, I will say this: Phil is definitely that cool character. He has an aura around him – its hard to explain, other than to say his glow gives off an impression of confidence. It’s like he knows something that no one else does.

3. Phil was more interested in the Lakers/Celtics game than anything else going on in the room. It sounded like he bet the Celts big. At one point, he just goes out loud, “someone tell me the score of the game!” There were not many TV’s in the room and Phil was stuck without a view. Funny stuff, considering he probably had more riding on the game than most people make in a year. He’s playing two tournaments at once that equal $7500 in buyins and all he cares about is the basketball game.

Ok, enough Ivey love. Just thought the non-poker players might like a glimpse of what we see on a daily basis…

This one stung

I purposely chose not to post today with hopes that it might change my luck. I played the 5k 6max, which by all accounts, was a very good tournament. The field was noticeably tough (my table only had 1 weak spot that ended up busting semi-quickly) but the stacks were deep which afforded everyone much more room to maneuver.

The funny thing about a 6max tournament is that you really rarely have anything. I felt like I was almost always bluffing whenever I was betting or raising. Which is why my bustout hand was so annoying. I came back from dinner with 14.5k. I won a flip with AK (the only time I saw AK of the day) vs. a shorty’s 1010 for 10bb which put me at 20k. I then get moved to another table, which was surprisingly much softer than my previous one. The average age of the players had to have been at least 40, whereas my first table average age was 24. I scooped a pot and immediately looked down at KK UTG next hand. I had already opened 4 pots at the table, so I was somewhat excited to finally get a premium hand in a good spot (first time of the day). I open and bb 3bets big. He is a Bolivian man, which makes me think he is not good but is very capable of bad beating me (Latin Americans seem to run the best vs. me. Maybe that’s because they are always behind lol). Anyway, I 4bet, he jams, I call he flips over AK. A on the turn GG. So annoying. I’m basically looking for spots like that all day, but if I can just avoid that spot and continue to chip up the old fashioned way (by bluffing without a hand), I lower my variance. Obviously, I’m never folding and I’m just upset right now, but come on – my series has been an absolute nightmare (as it has with a lot of my friends I’ve been talking to). Luckily, we are only halfway there…

All of this makes me really excited to go to business school. I need to take the luck out of my life as much as possible. It may seem silly but no matter how much I preach that poker is a skill game, I still find myself writing a lot about the luck involved. With all that being said, tomorrow is a new day: 10k HU. This is the granddaddy of all the hu events played in the world and I’m sure it will be an extremely tough field. In other words, it will be a perfect opportunity for me to prove that I am world class.

ok, thats all I got for now. Rage subsiding. Wooosaaa