Espana Series Episode 3

Espana Series episode 3:

I have played a few interesting hands in the past three episodes, all of which I may do a write-up on if I get bored. I am also planning on writing something about the main event from this year – even though it was a short tournament for me, I still played a number of interesting hands.

Well, I’m officially in Chapel Hill. Today is my first day of ASW II, the summer program that over 80% of my incoming class attends. I am looking forward to meeting my classmates, but I can’t believe that I am headed back to class. It is surreal. As of right now, I know not a soul out here. My apt. still has no furniture (the movers plan to bring my stuff sometime this week from Chicago) and my car has yet to arrive. It’s easy to second-guess yourself in a time like this – did I make the right decision going back to school for my MBA? Was UNC the right decision? At the end of the day, I hope this is all just nerves. I’m sure that once I get into the swing of things, I will be happy as a clam (whatever that means). I guess poker is no longer my day job. Hmm. Still deciding if I plan to update my blog past those last few hand reviews I promised. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. GL to all my friends still in the main event. gogogogogogo.


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