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Sorry, I’ve bee MIA the past few days. Jess was in town and I was trying to make the most of our time together. I played a few events while she was here, but bricked everything.

We went to Surrender and XS, two clubs in the Wynn on Saturday and Monday, respectively. Both clubs were absolutely amazing – I suggest that anyone who comes to Vegas makes sure they go to at least one. They are indoor/outdoor venues, which is how Vegas clubs should be, in my opinion. It’s too hot outside to miss incorporating the weather into the club scene. What better way to celebrate a night out than to get a table that is also a bungalow with its own private flat screen TV, misters and balcony?

Yesterday was my birthday – I want to thank everyone that contacted me. I was somewhat unavailable as I was playing the Venetian Deep Stack 2k all day, but I was aware of all the phone calls, texts and facebook messages that were left on my phone. It’s tough when you are at the table and receive a call. I try not to break my concentration over and over again by leaving the table. But, I really appreciate all the support. Thanks guys!

I made day 2 of the Venetian Deep Stack which starts at 4PM today. There are still 90ish players left, with around 50 cashing. I’m somewhat short with 20bb, but it’s not unfamiliar territory, by any means. The way I see it, we still have 30 minutes of the current level (where I have 20bb) and then the blinds move a little to where I have 15ish (which is still plenty when you are playing live). So, I have some time to make a move. My roommate, Ryan, my horse, Jack, and my friend, Allen, are all still in the event, so hopefully I can make a deep run with them.

Finally, the second episode of my Espana Final Table aired last night. See below for the four new links. If you have any questions regarding the hands that I played, feel free to comment:


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  1. David on

    Koen’s hollywood with the A2o was pretty epic.

  2. David on

    lol john’s defend w 85o is horrible w stacks that shallow. And when he c/r flop I cannot think of a single reason why Alvaro would instashove the AQ and force John to fold all his air

  3. David on

    also near the end of ep 19 part 3 the graphic says Migu has A3hh but then the other guy peels A4hh. The show realizes this and isntead of just changing migu’s cards to A3o they just dont put up the graphic for the A4hh. So funny

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