day 2 today

There are about 455 people left in today’s event and I’m around 40th. The money bubble is around 324, so it shouldn’t take long to get there. But, I could care less about cashing – I’m here to make a deep run. I keep telling myself all it takes is one event to turn everything around. Hopefully I find my table as soft as it was on Saturday.

Let’s discuss a few hands from day 1:

Starting with 3k, my stack was around 2500 when I opened QJo from mid position. I was almost minraising throughout the entire day, so I was getting a lot of calls from the blinds (and playing pots in position). I open to 125 at 25 50 and both blinds call. Flop comes 237. Sb checks and BB leads for 300. I elect to call. My opponent is not repping any hand really – he almost never has a strong hand because he would be check raising in this spot. Plus, I picked up weakness from the way he bet and his demeanor. Obviously, one could argue for a raise, but I decided that he might just say to himself that I don’t have anything and reraise (in other words, a weak player looks at a dry board like this, he doesn’t consider the fact that I know he has nothing, he only thinks about the fact that I can’t have anything). If I had any hand here, I’d most likely call to keep the SB in and also to allow my opponent to keep bluffing. The sb folded and the turn was a J (2 3 7 J). My opponent led for 600. Great spot to just call. He still isn’t repping anything. If he has a 7, he should be afraid of the J. If he has 44, 55, 66, he should be afraid of the J. In other words, he should be slowing down at some point. River is a 9 (2 3 7 J 9) and my opponent bets 1200. I only have 1500 left so I’m basically calling for my tournament life. I read him for weakness, he is never repping anything and he chose not to go all in (and instead just bet most of my stack). All of this adds up to a call in my book. I call and he doesn’t even show his hand. Just goes, “nice hand” and flips his hand into the muck.

I chipped up without a showdown from 5k to 8k when the following hand came up vs the same player. He kept mentioning that I was playing a lot of hands and that I was consistent in my minraising. He was obviously getting upset over my play. I finally look down at KK and make it 625 at 150 300. He calls in position and the flop comes 2 6 9. I make my normal cbet of 800 and my opponent immediately says, “I’m all in.” I snap call and flip over my KK so fast everyone at the table is kind of in shock. My opponent flips up AJ. The board runs out without an A and I double to 17000ish. Silence falls over the table – everyone is just kind of looking around. I’ve gotten my opponent to spew after finally frustrating him all day. He leaves the table to take a smoke break and just like that, I have chips to run people over. I grind my stack up to 22k by winning a ton of small pots and go on break feeling good.

The next big hand is nothing more than a flip – a flip that I finally win. The other competent player at the table, a good kid makes it 900 to go right after break from late position. I look down at AQ on the button and make it 2350. This looks to be a really good spot for me knowing that I should almost always be light in this spot. I have the button and it’s right after break. My opponent jams 18k total into the pot. I take my time, decide I wasn’t planning on folding and that he could be value shoving a lot of worse hands and a ton of bluffs. I call, he flips up 99, flops a set, I flop a flush draw and straight draw and get there on the turn. Ship the 40ishk. I win a few more pots and end the day with 41575.

Today should be fun. I’ll try to keep my blog updated with some more pics of chipstack, as long as things are going well.

All it takes is one…


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  1. David on

    lol at the AJ hand and the flat oop, bet bet shove w air

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