tournament starts at 5PM today

I’ll update my blog if I win/lose my first match from my iphone…

BTW, Phil Ivey was sitting at the table next to me for most of the day yesterday in the 5k. It’s really funny to sit near him for a couple of reasons:

1. He was live multitabling between this tournament and the 2500 HA tournament which basically means he was running back and forth between tournaments and blinding off a ton. His stack was dwindling, but literally every time he came back to the table, he doubled. I kept looking over to see his stack just grow – he must have won at least a few flips. Apparently, he ended the day in both tournaments with healthy stacks.

2. Both of our tables were right on the rail, and I could tell whenever he was back from the other event because all of a sudden, there would be spectators 3-4 people deep. Literally just 20-40 people showed up out of nowhere whenever he was playing next to us – people just staring at him, taking pictures and whispering to each other. Much like watching Tiger Woods at a golf tournament, these people were just enthralled by Phil Ivey’s transcendental state.

But, remember poker is not really a spectator sport, so there is very little to see. It’s gotta be somewhat strange to be him – he is a celebrity now. The funniest part is that the people who stand there watching have got to be the ‘donkiest’ looking players ever. It’s as if every donk not playing in the event is hovering around Ivey’s table just to be a part of the game. Old people with cameras trying to get a glimpse of the cool character that they see on TV. But, I will say this: Phil is definitely that cool character. He has an aura around him – its hard to explain, other than to say his glow gives off an impression of confidence. It’s like he knows something that no one else does.

3. Phil was more interested in the Lakers/Celtics game than anything else going on in the room. It sounded like he bet the Celts big. At one point, he just goes out loud, “someone tell me the score of the game!” There were not many TV’s in the room and Phil was stuck without a view. Funny stuff, considering he probably had more riding on the game than most people make in a year. He’s playing two tournaments at once that equal $7500 in buyins and all he cares about is the basketball game.

Ok, enough Ivey love. Just thought the non-poker players might like a glimpse of what we see on a daily basis…


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