This one stung

I purposely chose not to post today with hopes that it might change my luck. I played the 5k 6max, which by all accounts, was a very good tournament. The field was noticeably tough (my table only had 1 weak spot that ended up busting semi-quickly) but the stacks were deep which afforded everyone much more room to maneuver.

The funny thing about a 6max tournament is that you really rarely have anything. I felt like I was almost always bluffing whenever I was betting or raising. Which is why my bustout hand was so annoying. I came back from dinner with 14.5k. I won a flip with AK (the only time I saw AK of the day) vs. a shorty’s 1010 for 10bb which put me at 20k. I then get moved to another table, which was surprisingly much softer than my previous one. The average age of the players had to have been at least 40, whereas my first table average age was 24. I scooped a pot and immediately looked down at KK UTG next hand. I had already opened 4 pots at the table, so I was somewhat excited to finally get a premium hand in a good spot (first time of the day). I open and bb 3bets big. He is a Bolivian man, which makes me think he is not good but is very capable of bad beating me (Latin Americans seem to run the best vs. me. Maybe that’s because they are always behind lol). Anyway, I 4bet, he jams, I call he flips over AK. A on the turn GG. So annoying. I’m basically looking for spots like that all day, but if I can just avoid that spot and continue to chip up the old fashioned way (by bluffing without a hand), I lower my variance. Obviously, I’m never folding and I’m just upset right now, but come on – my series has been an absolute nightmare (as it has with a lot of my friends I’ve been talking to). Luckily, we are only halfway there…

All of this makes me really excited to go to business school. I need to take the luck out of my life as much as possible. It may seem silly but no matter how much I preach that poker is a skill game, I still find myself writing a lot about the luck involved. With all that being said, tomorrow is a new day: 10k HU. This is the granddaddy of all the hu events played in the world and I’m sure it will be an extremely tough field. In other words, it will be a perfect opportunity for me to prove that I am world class.

ok, thats all I got for now. Rage subsiding. Wooosaaa


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