Things just don’t seem to be going well in tournaments. Yesterday, I made it past dinner break and really felt like I was going to break through. I was up to 20k before dinner break and feeling good. I was playing somewhat maniacal at one specific table, but unfortunately, I was moved before it could ever pay off. I went into dinner with a shorter stack (9.4k @ 50/200/400), but busted an hour after dinner with A10 ss vs k7 cc on kk4 ss board. It was probably the first cooler I’ve busted from, as I don’t think I can ever fold the A high flush draw with less than 30 bigs even if my opponent is displaying strength. Just need to get there once for a sizeable pot.

Still, feeling good about my game. It’s sometimes easy to question yourself when you go through a rough patch in poker. Fortunately, I’m certain that things will pick up – I’m seeing things too well for it not too. To give you an example, I played a pot vs. Bkice (Andy Seth) yesterday in the 6max. We got to a spot on the river where I put out a large value bet and was awaiting Andy’s decision. My hand was good (two pair), but was vulnerable to a few stronger hands. While I didn’t think it all that likely, I was trying to decide what I would do if Andy were to reraise all-in on the river. I was repping strength, and I could easily have a set (which Andy knows I’m never folding). The board was not super connected (without straights and flushes), so it would have been a weird spot for me to be bluffing (and hence a weird spot for Andy to be bluffing as well). I decided that Andy was good enough to turn some value hands into bluffs and try to get me off of a weaker two pair. So, I was going to call. But, Andy just folded his hand and we moved on. When our table broke, Andy wanted to know what I had on said hand. I told him and also told him that had he shoved the river, he would have been put me into a quandary. Andy said he hadn’t even considered it at the time. Now, Andy is a really good player and I’m sure that the thought wasn’t completely foreign to him. But, I do think its interesting to note that I was already at the next level when I was waiting for his decision.

Most players (live ones in particular) don’t have a drawn out plan for a hand. That’s why you see them taking forever in certain spots. Usually, I take my time but it’s more often just for dramatic effect so that my timing stays constant for the few times where I am stumped. I am always thinking about further streets, further cards that can come out (which ones are bluff cards vs. slowdown cards) and little options to take in a hand. I think this comes from two places: 1. playing heads up cash and knowing about different board textures and 2. playing lots of tables online vs. playing 1 table live. Because I’m only playing 1 table when I’m playing live, I have extra time to think out all these little intricacies. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop here as I’m assuming I’ve lost some readers interests.

Today is an off day, which means laundry, grinding at home and a few errands. Last night we blew off some steam at the M casino, an off-the-strip casino near our house. It was fun, but unfortunately the opposite of profitable.

I hope everyone enjoyed the pics I put up of the house yesterday. I got the most hits on my blog I’ve ever gotten by far(350 in one day). I’m assuming this means the pics were a success. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.

There are a few great tournaments on the docket this week. 1500 on Wednesday is meh, but the 5k 6max, the 10k HU on Friday and the 10k PL Championship on Sunday should all be great. Obviously, if I somehow actually make a day two, I won’t be able to play the next day’s event, but that’s OK, considering that would just mean I’m doing well. Good luck to all my friends still playing in the 6max (James, one of my roommates included).


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