Back in the habit

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, but I’ve been trying my best to right the ship. I played the 1k on Saturday and busted in an hour and a half, way better than the 5 minute mark I set when I busted the first 1k two Saturdays ago (EL OH EL). The 1k’s are extremely demoralizing – you start with only 3k in chips and everyone at your table is pretty clueless. Sometimes its a wonder how these people even dress themselves in the morning, feed themselves on a regular basis and generally just live their lives. It may seem harsh, but it’s true – to quote Lewis Black, these people appear to just be “meat with eyes.” Which is why it is especially demoralizing when they bust you. There is just not enough room to lose a hand in the first few levels, and so far, I’ve been dealt a bunch of second bests early. I texted my backers that I needed a pep talk after the most recent torture session that was the 1k and they just responded with: its a 60bb crapshoot w/e. Obviously, if they don’t expect much from me in these events, I shouldn’t expect much either. Still, it sucks to lose – no one likes to lose, especially to rerards.

I played online on Sunday. It’s as if the poker gods knew how poorly things have been going because I got bad beat in massive equity spots once again. I should have banked at least 30-40k in profit yesterday but took some dirty ones deep in a few events. I did manage to get heads-up in a 500 6max tournament, but ended up losing A10 to A5 for most of the gold (and the win) and then lost a flip for my remaining chips. The score was worth 10k, but considering I spend about 10k in buyins each weekend, adding up a few other deep runs, I get to my 2-3k profit number. K, enough complaining. This week has some great events – 2.5k 6max today, 5k 6max on Thursday, 10k HU on Friday and 10k PL on Sunday. Good structures and lots of play…

I know my blog sometimes reads really whiny, which is partially the reason I haven’t posted in a few days. Let’s talk about what else we’ve been doing out here:

1. The chefs are absolutely amazing. It is literally the best decision we made this year. We get 10 gourmet meals a week (usually breakfast and dinner) for 200 a person (and 100 for groceries). I was skeptical at first, but having now experienced this luxury, I can say for certain that it makes things 100x healthier and more convenient.

2. Been grinding some cash, which feels really good. When I’m around all my roommates, I get the urge to play. Most of them have a really good work ethic when it comes to poker. They put in the time to play, discuss hands and whatnot. It’s very refreshing.

3. Speaking of the guys, I’m having a great time living in the house. The best way I can describe it that it’s a frat house for poker players. We all have this one thing in common that keeps up in tune with one another. And we are all here to make money, learn from eachother and get better. I’ve added some pictures of the house at the bottom of this entry. A friend recently took some pics, so I stole them off of facebook to show you guys.

4. Jess booked her trip for the 23rd. Really excited for her to get out here, as all the other guys have gf’s coming in around that time. The house should be packed with people, but it should be fun. Hopefully we go out to a few clubs and stuff and just enjoy Vegas. Maybe I’ll take her to the gun range again :).

Anyway, playing the 2.5k 6max today. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOGOGOG


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  1. Uncle David on

    I will pump you up!!!!!! Just think of them as stupid meat… and play your game. You know what your doing and the cards will come eventually and the “meat” will make some bad decissions!
    Go Get Em!!!!

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