Busted the 1500 @ the Venetian yesterday. Made it past dinner break, but really never got anything going. Pretty much some of the most boring live poker I’ve been involved with in a while. I wasn’t dealt much all day and I wasn’t presented many good spots. Bleh…

Today we are just hanging out at the house. Tonight, I am attending a celebratory dinner with Carter, as he managed to ship his first WSOP bracelet yesterday (and 500k). Carter is the dude I roomed with all throughout Europe. I’m really excited for him. Turns out another friend of mine, Craig, was also at the final table. Carter and Craig are very close friends and Carter ended up busting Craig on a bad beat. Should make for some interesting conversation tonight as I’m sure Craig will be at the dinner.

Tomorrow is another day off and then I get back on the grind with the 1k NL event on Saturday. I need these two days to detox from poker, to recharge my batteries as this past week and a half has been really frustrating/exhausting. I have to keep telling myself how lucky I am to even be out here, though. I am grateful for the opportunity to play poker for a living – just gotta remember what its like to sit in a cubicle all day.

Tomorrow we may go hit the links. Gonna play some cash online today and tomorrow and gear up again…LETSSSSS GOOOOO!

PS. Go Hawks!


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  1. Uncle David on

    The Hawks did it now its your turn….. Love You Uncle David

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