So frustrating; GL Carter

Busted the 5k yesterday. I was up to 30k in the second level, but it was all downhill after that. I have two interesting hands to share:

1. Second level, I open to 225 at 50 100 UTG with 22. A bad, 35ish year old player calls directly on my left and Maridu, a Brazilian Pokerstars woman pro makes it 700 to go two behind him. Maridu is a Pokerstars pro, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has a strong grasp of the game. She can be aggressive preflop, but it seems to me that she sometimes 3bets without a plan as to what to do if 4bet and sometimes struggles postflop. It’s interesting, because she talks a lot at the table, claiming that she is a girl that can be pushed around, but in reality, she is very easy to manipulate. So, while sometimes I would fold 22 in this spot, vs her, even though I’m out of position, I elect to call. We are 15k effective to start the hand and I’m pretty certain the dude next to me will call as well. She should have made the raise bigger to discourage callers because she is not as strong postflop, but instead, because I basically minraised, it was only 700 to call. This is also something interesting that the minraise does – people generally 3x a bet to 3bet. So, had I made it 300 like others were doing, her raise would have been 900ish. It’s a small difference, but it starts to add up when you look at stack sizes behind. Anyway, flop comes 862 rainbow. I check, dude checks she bets 1400 (way too big). Her sizing allows me to make a smaller raise because I don’t have to make it 3x to eventually get all the money in by the river. Had she made it like 800, I could only make it like 2k and my bet sizing would have to be stronger on the turn and river to make sure it all went on by the river. So, I make it 3350 and the dude next to me flats. She looks distraught and folds finally. Jeeeeez. I didn’t really expect the dude to call, so I was a little perplexed. The turn is a J, another bad card because JJ is definitely in his range. I decide that I will be 3125 and possibly fold if I see resistance. He calls though. River is a 6. Interesting card to fall. Obviously, I have a boat at this point and its less likely he has 66 for quads, but there aren’t many hands in his range to just cold call 2 bets on the flop. So, I decide to bet 2k and probably fold to a shove. I can still get value from some hands that this player thinks is good (like a moron). 1010, QQ, and some other stuff I can’t really even imagine. He snap calls and I win a monster pot. Later, he told me he had 55 and didn’t believe me. LOL.

2. With the blind at 75 150, a bad kid (who obviously doesn’t play on the internet), limps with 16k starting stack. I have 30k at this point. I make it 450 to go from the cutoff with Q10 and Maridu sticks in a raise to 1200 from the bb. The dude overcalls both raises and its back on me. Here’s where it gets fun, at least at first. There is a ton of dead money in the pot due to the fact that this idiot kid called both raises. Maridu’s raise was small, but for some reason, I read her for weakness. She can still have lots of hands that she is raising for value here, but has no idea how to proceed if I reraise. It puts her in an awful spot unless she has AA because she has to deal with the overcalling kid as well. So, I decide to raise to 2750. She will fold most of her hands other than AA and KK (and maybe QQ) and the dude will probably call. But, he will check fold on so many flops that it becomes extremely profitable. So, thats exactly what happened. She folded unhappily and he called. Flop came AJ9 ss. I did not have a spade in my hand. The kid leads out for 2200. Duhhhhh. So far, he has overcalled 3raises and led this flop when it crushes my range. This kid must be on drugs. I elect to call, as this is what I would do with my entire range (aa, ak, jj, kk). The turn is a 4 and he checks. I have two options. I can check behind and see a free river. Or, I can continue to tell my story by betting. He still has 11.7k and there are a ton of chips in the pot at this point. I decide that he isn’t check raising me in this spot that often, so I elect to bet 4250 and jam all spade, k or 8 rivers if he calls. He calls and the river is a Qs. Obviously now I have showdown value, but its really just an illusion. I need to try to get him to fold any one pair hand he has (and maybe some two pairs) by jamming this river. I can easily rep spades, JJJ, QQQ, AAA, AQ, AJ and anything in between. So, he checks and I shove for his stack of 7450. He doesn’t even take that long and calls with…

AK. LOLOLOLOLOL. Sometimes, you just find idiots who cannot fold no matter how well you tell a story. I was repping everything that had him beat; he literally could only beat a bluff. Still, he called and thought he was the man. What a moron. It was extremely frustrating to find the one moron in the room who was incapable of rationalizing out what I had. He was literally on level one – I have AK. I flop top pair Aces. I no fold. Blarggggggggg. Oh well. Going to play the Venetian 1500 today, as there are no WSOP events for me.

Finally, my friend, Carter Phillips is CL with 16 left to go in the 6max 1500 WSOP event. I stayed with him throughout my trips to Connecticut, San Remo and Monte Carlo recently. He’s a dream killer who claims that even J2 can beat AA preflop. lol. GLGLGLGLG Carter!!!!


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  1. David on

    if you already know hes a retarded fish do you really think you can make him fold an ace there?

    • squintngo on

      Didn’t know how fishy he was until this hand and subsequent hands after.

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