Busto in the 1.5k, 5k today

Yesterday’s tournament was one of the juiciest tournaments I have ever played, period. Typically, 1500 WSOP events are soft, but due to the 6max format, this tournament was particularly amazing. Most live players have no real clue how to play 6max – how to adjust ranges accordingly to the fact that there are only 6 people that are dealt a hand. So, I’m somewhat upset that I busted before dinner. I had a nice time chipping up early in the event. Actually, 20 hands in, I was down to 2k from my 4500 starting stack but an hour or so later, I was at 6k. Few hours after that, I had 10k. Lets discuss a few hands:

The first big hand I played at the table, a 40 year old man opened the button for 125 at 25 50. I made it 350 from the BB with AK and the opponent called. The flop came 833. I cbet 350 and the opponent made it 800. In a spot like this, I typically give up my hand, but looking at a board like 833, there are like no hands that my opponent should have that won’t fold to a reraise. Often times, he is raising for information (which is obviously bad), but I should be able to tell a convincing story by sticking in a reraise and forcing him off of any 8, 99, tt and maybe some other stuff. It’s very low level thinking, but it works usually against idiots. So, I made it 1700. But, the opponent snap jammed the rest of his chips in the pot and looked at me and goes, “now look what you’ve done.” I considered calling with A high but decided against it due to his body language and speech. I mucked my hand and my opponent showed me a 3 – lol. How he has a 3 there, I don’t really know. I guess 43, A3 and 35 are in his range, but that just seems somewhat absurd.

Oh well, down to 2400 and time to grind. 30-40 minutes later, the sb checks her option (a 60 year old woman) and I check with 86h. The flop comes 579 hhh. She leads for 150 when the blinds are 25 50 and I made it 400. She calls. Turn is a 3. She checks, I bet 750, leaving myself with 1k. She snap calls. River is 6. She checks, I jam and she insta calls with 94o. She is obviously confused at how I beat her with my flopped straight; I scoop the pot to get back to even.

A little later, this same lady limps the cutoff. I had been isoraising a ton when she and another player limped, so I decided to just limp behind with 3h3d on the button. Sb calls and BB checks. Flop comes 245cc. Checks to the lady who bets 250 into 400 (blinds are now at 50 100). I call, blinds fold and the turn is Kc. She bets 600 and I tank. For some reason, I read her for weakness and thought I would have an easy time repping a flush, so I put in a raise to 1475. She tanks, announces that she has a flush but that mine is probably bigger and folds. LOLOLOL. Like I said, these people have literally zero clue.

Many hands later, I get moved to another table with 15k. Blinds are 100 200 25 ante and I make it 400 to go on the button. I found that throughout the tournament, the donks had literally no clue how to react to the minraise. They called way too much out of position, putting themselves in bad spots postflop vs. me. It was pretty silly how often I found myself with position, scooping a pot. You end up playing a ton of hands because people will just call. Some people are afraid to play postflop when they have hands because they don’t want to get bad beat. I am the exact opposite. I don’t care if I have AA or 92, I want to play postflop in position because I’m just going to wreck so many lives :). Anyway, I minraise the button to 400 and the bb defends (like he has done the entire time I’ve been at the table). Flop comes 822dd. I have Ad4x. He checks, I decide to bet (checking is also good but due to a few hands that I played earlier at that table, I decided on betting). The opponent makes it 1100 after I bet 400. I call. Turn is a Kd. He bets 1400 and I tank. Because I have the Ad, he can never have the nut flush. His bet is weak sizing, so I decide to put in a raise. More often than not, he has just an 8. The only issue is that I need to start deciding what to do if he calls and the river blanks. I make it 3375 and he calls. River is a 7. He checks and I tank. I almost jam, but end up pussying out by telling myself I have too much equity in the tournament. In retrospect, I’m very upset with myself for not following through with my plan. My opponent ended up showing down something like I thought he had, J8, and told me he would fold had I jammed. EFFFFFFFF.

Finally, I get moved to another table that looks to be really tough. Gboro, one of the best online players in the world, is two on my left and the rest of the players are under 25 except for one. I am still unracking my chips from the move when I look down at AQ in the cutoff. I minraise to 400. The button calls and Gboro makes it 1250 in the sb (he has me covered). Knowing that this is my first hand at the table makes things pretty interesting. Gboro knows who I am (not sure if he knows exactly but he definitely acknowledged me when I sat down because we ate a meal together at PCA). If I’m him, I squeezing in that spot with a wide range of hands (KJ, J8 suited and everything in between). I am sending a message to the new player that he can’t just minraise at will whenever he would like. So, I decide that AQ is way ahead of his range. But how do I proceed? Well, if the player on the button hadn’t called, I’d probably just call here most of the time. But, I don’t want to take the pot 3-handed out of position, so I consider the merits of raising. If I raise and the button does something funky, I can easily fold. But, if I raise and Gboro reraises, then I need to decide if I’m calling right now. I look at the stacks and decide there is enough for him to 5bet light and then fold to a 6bet shove by me. So, I raise to 2850. The button gets out of the way and Gboro takes his time. He ends up jamming instead of clicking it back betting and I’m left in a conundrum. His timing seemed strong, as I knew that the longer he took to bet, the more likely it was that he had a monster. I could almost see the little clock in his head as he just sat there and waited before he stuffed. Had he jammed in only a few seconds, I would have felt much happier about my hand, but knowing how good he is, he will be taking a longer time with his better hands. Additionally, he never asked me how many chips I had. I really wanted to change my plan and fold because of this fact too, but I decided that there was just too many hands still in his range that he was shoving for value that I had either beat or that I was flipping against. I call for a massive pot, table AQ and he shows KK. CRAP. So, I end up busting in this spot and funneling all my chips to one of the best players in the field. In order for this hand to take place, everything had to work out just perfectly for Steve (gboro). I had to have lost the last pot with a4 vs j8 at my earlier table so I wasn’t deeper. I had to get moved exactly at that time. I had to minraise so that the button called also. And it had to be the first hand for me at the table. Any of those things don’t happen and I end up flatting his 3bet instead of 4betting to induce a 5bet.

Aw well. I wish I could have that one back but just have to look forward. Today is the 5k event, which should be fun. I usually show up for bigger buyin events so I’m excited to play some poker. There should be a lot of celebrity pros at my table (the hellmuths and whatnot), so I’ll get to report on all the people I sit with. Hopefully I can make a deep run and crush some fools. later


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