Change of plans

Headed off to the Rio to play the 1500 NL 6max today. Tomorrow, there is a 5k event and Wednesday there is a 1600 Venetian Deep Stacker. Hopefully, I am too busy with today’s event to play the other two, but we’ll see. 6max events are usually fast and furious action (especially when you start with less than 100bb).

Grinded online yesterday. Somewhat of a disappointing day – I final table bubbled a 500 tournament on absolute poker, went deep in a few others and bubbled another WSOP seat with AA vs KK aipf (all in preflop). I have scooped two WSOP seats already, but I play 4-5 satty’s a week, so I should probably have a few more in the bag.

The house went to see Get Him to the Greek last night. I highly recommend it – it was very entertaining. P Diddy stole the movie imo.

Last week was somewhat of a letdown. Hopefully, this week, I can make some deep runs. It’s time to get dirtyyyyyy.


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  1. ryan on

    josh ur blog owns joes lol. keep up the good writing. gl, run better.

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