how to bust in 10 minutes

I got to the Rio today ready to play some poker, but what I received was a swift kick to the junk and an exit. The 1k’s are somewhat of a circus because everybody and their mother plays them. Because of this fact, the structure is relatively horrible early on. You start with 3k chips, with blinds at 25 25. What this means is that the small blind and big blind are the same amount in the first level. It makes for some interesting dynamics sb vs bb because the sb just needs to check if it folds to him (instead of throwing in more chips).

An online tourney reg was on my left to start the event. I won one pot without showdown prior. The one hand I lost went as follows:

Everyone folds to me in the SB. Knowing the strange dynamic that occurs sb vs bb and that the bb was an aggressive online tourney player, I decided to limp reraise all my strong hands. So, when I looked down at 1010, I did just what I was planning. I limped, he made it 125, I made it 425, he made it 1100, I jammed and he called with AK. A on flop, see ya later. LOL. Pretty dumb cooler. I did think his sizing was a little off (as in too big), but w/e – never folding such a big hand when he can easily show up with 88, AJ and some rando A8’s and stuff. So, that’s all I got for today. Playing online tomorrow all day. Monday, I’m taking a day off from the live scene and then Tuesday I start back up with a 5k at the WSOP.


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  1. lugie on

    That is still 9 minutes 30 seconds longer than moby has ever lasted before busting….in uh….’Poker’ for the pg-13 crowd

    • Megatron on

      LCS FTW IMO!!!!!!

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