Efffff. After playing the 1500 pl event yesterday, it was nice to play nl today. I had little trouble chipping up today – I found my table to play particularly poorly. I was playing a ton of pots, minraising a few times an orbit. Most live players struggle with adjusting when I minraise. They typically call way too much (even out of position) and tend to play really poorly postflop. I was up to 8k and change at 150 300 w/ante when a bad older player opened to 1600 in middle position (his sizing is just the pits). I looked down at AhAc and decided to flat. Against most people, this would seem somewhat fishy, but my table was so bad, they didn’t consider the fact that I should literally never have anything but AA and KK when I flat there. I balanced because I had previously flatted this guys raise a few orbits prior but I had 10k and change at that point (and the blinds were 100 200 at that point) and I’m sure he couldn’t tell the difference. I also decided not to reraise preflop because I felt as though this was the type of old player that might open really big with hands like 1010 or JJ but fold to a reraise because they are afraid.

So anyway, the flop came kj8 sss and the player bet 2100 (he had me slightly covered). I took some time and jammed. The player looked somewhat disgusted but made the call with QxQs. Of course, the spade flew right off on the turn and I was sent to dinner 15 minutes before dinner break. It was really a shame because if I win that pot, I could have done some serious damage. I was trying to table captain as much as I could even without a huge stack so I can only imagine what would have happened had I actually had a stack. Oh well – 0-3 losing all 3 on bad beats. The WSOP is so much fun!!! lol

Tomorrow is the 1k nl. Wish me luck…


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