Busto PL, 1500 NL tomorrow

Busted the pl event around 130th with KQ vs qj aipf. I was short, so the QJ had to call after I squeezed, but he flopped a flush to force me to the rail. Overall, pot limit holdem’ is really weird as a tournament. You can’t ever go all in preflop when your first in, so when you have 10-20bb, the game is way different. Also, there are no antes so it rewards tight play (which bores the hell out of me).

With that being said, there were literally no interesting hands for the day. I could not find a spot to chip up all day – I won AK to AQ earlier to double when I was short and then AQ vs 44 to double again when I was short later.

Tomorrow is a 1500nl event. I’ll try to post when I actually get involved in a hand of note. Until that time…


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