Monte Carlo

This place is amazing. It is so extremely beautiful, it’s hard to put into words. The city is built on mountains, but also touches the water. The streets are carved throughout the city, winding up and down. Lining the streets are five star hotels and shops. And, because there is a Grand Prix here every year, the streets are kept in top shape. Formula 1 cars drive around the tight corners and sharp elevation inclines/declines, so just looking out the window in our cab ride in, you can tell the streets are maintained to racetrack specifications.

I played day 1A of the Monte Carlo EPT yesterday. Finished the day with 38,400, which while not great, is still enough chips to do some damage on day 2. This is the grand finale of EPT’s so the buyin was 10k euro and the first prize will be probably around 2.5m euros. It’s a whopper of a tournament. The day was somewhat slow for me, as I wasn’t presented with many spots to chip up. I did manage to double late in the day so I wouldn’t go into day 2 with a short stack. Blinds will be 600 1200 with a 200 ante, so I will have 32 big blinds to start the day.

I seem to always find myself in tough spots during day 1’s in these events. Case and point: I finally look down at a premium KK right before dinner break. I open to 900 at 200 400 and Ross Boatman, an FTP pro who I’ve played with quite a bit in Spain, Australia and now here, 3bet me to 2725. He gave a little speech about me calling him a nit before he raised and it folded back to me. I made it 5250 with 19k behind and he flatted. Obviously, I was hoping he would jam, but flatting was not as bad as folding. But, the flop came out 10jcqc and I was immediately put into a quandary. Knowing Ross’ game pretty well, I was certain that he had a premium hand. On this board, the only (semi) premium I’m beating is AQ, but I don’t think he 3bets and then calls with this so I was perplexed. With 10k+ already in the pot, almost any bet I made would almost give me odds to call off the rest of my chips with my open-ended draw. I decided I had two options: one, I could bet very small (say, 2k) and if I got raised, I’d have to fold. The second was to check and see what he did. If he bet small enough, I could call one street (repping AK, QQ or whatever monster Ross is afraid of). I decided that I didn’t want to put any more chips in the pot at this venture (not even 2k because that might induce a raise from a total float that I’m beating like 65 that he just happened to think he was priced in to calling pre). So, I was going to check and decide. In this spot with AK, I’d sometimes take this line, so I thought this made sense. So, I checked and Ross jammed his whole stack in (which had me covered). Ewwww. Now I was in a spot. Why would he be jamming with QQ, JJ, 1010 or AK? These are hands that are doing really well in this spot and should be betting for value (and not overbet jamming 20k into 10k). I ended up tank folding because I thought it was very likely Ross could just have a hand like AA or JJ that he didn’t know what else to do with. He also could be jamming AK to make it look weaker (but I’m not sure he is on this level). So anyway, I went to dinner and Ross found me later – told me he had AK and totally misplayed his hand the entire way. I’d say, but still, pretty good fold by me in a terrible spot.

Today, I’m going to rest as day 1b plays. Then, tomorrow, I’ll go at it again.

Later – J


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  1. David on

    That hand is really gross. LOL at Boatman, misplaying his hand on literally every single street. Once you get that flop you have to check/fold to his jam bc it smashes every single hand in his flatting range. I don’t think AQ is in his range he is tight preflop and wouldn’t 3b AQ to an ep opener. It’s humorous that he is considered a pro, he is horrible. Good fold gl tomorrow

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