Nice is nice

For me, the niceness of Nice was completely unexpected. Sure, it’s the French Riviera and sure, one would expect it to be beautiful (which it is), but the city has a nice feel to it (no pun intended).

Last night, we ventured out to a bar which was surprisingly packed with kids. The bar had a DJ in the back with people dancing on tables/benches, which pretty much always means that a good time is being had. We partook in the dancing until the bar closed and then walked home. It was a lot of fun – nothing too crazy but a perfect amount of debauchery.

The hotel we are staying in has got to be one of the top five weirdest places I’ve ever been. We chose an ultra-modern hotel based on online reviews and pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures did not do the place justice. I thought we might be staying at an Ikea like hotel, but it is way beyond. Our room is laid out as follows: huge wooden plank in the center of the room with two beds on it. Also on the plank is our sink and some fake plants. There is a shower with transparent glass next to the beds, so you can see everything if anyone decides to wake up and shower. Finally, the only thing enclosed in the room is a toilet, but the walls are not sound-proof, to say the least. I’ll try to take some pics of this travishamockery because I will be unable to truly describe its craziness. It’s as if someone on shrooms was given the keys to a hotel and told to go wild. Function is thrown out the window (as is sanity), but I guess the place is OK for 2 days.

I’m here with a couple of (mostly-live) tourney guys: Allen Bari, Dan O’Brien, Jason Mercier and Jason’s GF, Emily. They’ve all had great success in live events; hopefully I can steal some of that rungood. We were planning on renting segways and seeing Nice today, but it is raining so it looks like we have to figure something else out. Tomorrow, we head to Monte Carlo to play the 5k HU event and then the main the following day.

Hope everyone is well – J


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  1. Pammy on

    Hi!!! There were hotels in Bangkok with that crazy shower situation. We were looking at them on the website and realized, hey, there is a shower that everyone can see. Not good with 3 girls and a guy staying together šŸ™‚
    Sounds like your trip is great!!!! Miss you! Win big!

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