On to the next one

So, I busted the 1k fairly early in the day yesterday. The structure was not great so I was forced to gamble somewhat early in a flip situation. Lost the 50/50 flip and bounced from the event. I am still somewhat upset over my 2k tournament loss, as I felt really good with that one. O well, on to the next one.

I played a good deal of cash while in San Remo because the players were so awful. The game played somewhat higher than I like, but I couldn’t pass up the value. So, I played 20/40 euro nl the first two days and yesterday, played 10/20. I was stuck in the game around 5k euro after the first day but managed to dig myself out of the hole completely. I lost K10 to KQ on a K106 board all in (Q on the river) to initially get stuck. But, knowing that the game was too juicy to pass up, I continued to play and have done quite well. I plan to play tonight.

Tomorrow, we head to Nice for 2 days. We decided not to venture off to Rome for the 48hrs because it seemed too short. Instead, we plan to hang out in Nice for the two days and then go to Monte Carlo for the tournaments starting on Saturday.

Bax/Sheets have OK’ed me in the 5k HU event which takes place before the main. I’m actually pretty excited for this event – even though it will draw a bunch of great players, I feel like my heads-up nl game, especially in tournaments, is top notch. It’s the perfect mix for me, as evidenced by the tournament win in Chicago.

Anyway, I’m going to go chill for a bit before I head off to the casino. Later guys…


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