Day 2

Playing day 2 of the 2k today. If I could, I’d play this tournament everyday. The field is super soft and the structure is great. I go into day two with 63,700 chips with the blinds about to be 600 1200. So, not a monster stack, but I had no trouble chipping up yesterday. Hopefully I can win my first live flip since being on the stake. First in the event is 275 k euro, which is obviously pretty amazing.

I will try to post some hands later, if I get a chance. Like I’ve said in earlier posts, the internet is completely horrible here, so I’m having trouble keeping in contact with the outside world.

We are discussing going to Rome in between San Remo and Monte Carlo. There are a few days off in between and the guys are looking to visit a ‘touristy’ city. I’m all for seeing something other than a poker table on this trip.

Apparently, all this volcano disaster is causing most people to miss their flights. I hope it is resolved by the time we leave Monte Carlo at the end of the month.

Later guys


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