Busto 1hr before the end of the day

Today was a total letdown, but oddly enough, I’m not nearly as upset as I’ve been throughout the summer whenever I busted a tournament. This bust out was completely out of my control –
Blinds at 200 400 with 50 ante, I have 27k and the villian has 23k. He opens UTG + 1 for 3x, folds around to me in SB. I flat with 99, no heart. Flop comes AAh7h. I check, he bets 1/2 pot, I call. Turn is a 6h. I check, he checks. River is a 9h. I check, he bets 3500. I ship it in and he tank calls with A7 (said he was worried I had A9 or 8h10h). To be honest, I don’t think there is a human being in the world that is capable of getting away from a spot like this. Against a bad opponent, check raising river is always best because he bluffs his air and value bets a lot of his big hearts. And, when I ship, he can still call with big hearts (if he thinks I’m full of it or is incapable of laying down a flush) or a smaller boat. So, in general, this was just a ridiculous cooler when I hit the 1 of 2 cards on the river that gets him paid. Oh well, run shitty again. I shipped my last 4k in in the cutoff 2 hands later with KQ and was called by A5 and bricked.

The tournament itself was super sick, with a great structure and a lot of play. Unfortunately, I was not fortunate in my table draw – I had two pros on my left that hindered my ability to get wacky throughout the day. Also, while the other players at the table weren’t great, they weren’t uber-bad by any means. There was very little limping going on throughout the day at my table. To give you an idea of the “nittiness,” I was the second person to bust from the table, 4 1/2 levels after we started. The only other bust out was total spew that happened very early in the day. So, besides that, things were going slowly.

There weren’t many other interesting spots like in years past. I 3bet once every two orbits with junk to preserve my image and balance my range for the time when I would actually pick up a hand, but that time never came. I hovered between 20k and 32k all day. At my peak, I flopped bottom two in a 6 way limped pot (I was in SB). I lead for pot on flop and turn vs the one opponent who didn’t fold. I ended up counterfeited on the river as the board went running 7’s and I check folded (he showed me AK for top pair, top kicker plus the 77).

I don’t really know what I’m going to do from here. I have a lot of thinking to do. Have to book a flight home at some point and decide if I’m going to continue with this poker thing or maybe try something new. G-d knows I’m itching to start a business of some sort. I like to think that I may not be lucky in poker, but I am most certainly lucky in life. And, if that’s how it’s going to be, then so be it. I’d rather run well in life.

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the summer. I really appreciate all the emails, comments, text messages and phone calls – they give me that special boost. I only wish I had binked something this summer. I do think that most kids my age that come out to the WSOP put so much pressure on themselves to win something. That stress hinders everyone’s ability to perform but moreover its just not realistic to assume that you are going to win a 2k person + tournament. In the end, you have to run well in the short term and even the very best can and do go 0’fer. True, I didn’t play that many WSOP events, but to expect to win everyone you play, while good for the ego, is just hog wash. Ok, enough rambling for one night. I’m gonna call it quits and see what’s on the tube. Good night all!


3 comments so far

  1. Uncle David on

    You gave it your best… some things you can’t and don’t control.I look forward to seeing you back in Chicago.
    Love Uncle David

  2. Andy on

    Hey Josh,

    It was good talking to you at the Venetian deepstack last Saturday (I’m 1s, you’re 2s)…sorry to hear about the bad run you’re having. I know that if you keep playing the way I saw you playing then you’ll do fine.


  3. Dad on

    Could not be more proud of you. You know it is not about the win; it is about being true. Love. Me

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