Lack of activity

Sorry for the recent lull in posts, but I chose not to play in any more Venetian tournaments since the last epic fail.

Tuesday was my 25th birthday. Thank you to all the well wishes. I ran errands during the day, then ate dinner with my roommates at a Japanese place and hung out all night in the house. It was a pretty normal day for me except that I spoke to a lot of my family over the phone which was nice. I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t feel somewhat homesick (which is rare for me). I think that the daily grind can really take hold of your emotions. I’m just trying my best not to go too overboard. LOL no emo music for me. Gotta stay positive for the Main Event. Then I will have plenty of time to be home in Chi with the fam.

Yesterday I went golfing with Joe. We only squeezed in 9 holes, but it was a lot of fun to be out there. Then, we met the house at a go-kart track and rode around for an hour or so. After, we went to sweat to Ryan, our roommate, as he was deep in the 5k 6max event. He ended up busting 18th for 37k which was a really good showing because of how visibly difficult the tournament competition had been.

I’m going to register for the Main today or tomorrow, lay low mostly, and play some online pokers. Gotta gear up for the big show which starts this weekend. Going to post a funny cash game hand I played against an absolute donk in my next post. It can serve as a microcosm for my recent struggles.


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