Venetian Results

I don’t even know where to begin. I chose not to update my blog yesterday because I made it to day two of the Venetian Tournament and I didn’t want to jinx myself. If I post, I know I will get a lot of support, but if what ended up happening happens, I feel like a disappointment.

There were 48 left going into day 2 (we started with almost 800) and I was around 20th with 20BB. I didn’t realize how much of a crap shoot these deep stack tournaments become late. The structure goes from great to terrible in the last two levels of the night. Anyway, as most of you know, I have never had a big live score; this would have qualified considering 1st was over 100k. So, I went into the tournament with an open mind but with the understanding that my equity in a tournament like this (at this point) was huge. To the non-poker junkies out there, what I mean is simply my odds of winning are greater than 1/48. If I am one of the best players left in the field and I have some of the most experience, my equity to win is probably closer to 5%-8% instead of the almost 2%. Anyway, I ended up losing with 15 minutes of the start, as I managed to find the one idiot in the room who thought that he knew what a stop-in-go was and decided to try it on me. It really irks me when a bad player reads or hears of a play (that is generally atrocious to begin with) and tries to implement it in a terrible situation. Then, he/she gets rewarded, only to believe that he has accomplished his goal when in reality he has butchered the situation and managed to get lucky. I was tilting really badly when I busted so I decided not to add anything to blog yesterday, for the readership’s sake. Safe to say, a post yesterday would have been laden with numerous f-bombs.

Anyway, I did play one really interesting hand that I was really proud of, early in the tournament. I do believe most people in my spot go broke, but I lost the absolute minimum. I’m not big on making hero folds in the live arena, but in this particular case, my spidey sense told me to fold. So, in the second hour of the tournament, I opened As10s UTG and got a caller in mid position and on the button. The flop came KsQsQ. This spot was similar to a spot I was in last year in the WSOP ME where I wasn’t sure whether to lead out or check call/raise. I learned from last year that the better line was to check call, so I checked, mid position checked and the button bet 700 into a pot of 2k. It was a suspicious sized bet, so I decided just to call as did the mid position player. In reality, we are deep in this spot (start with 15k in chips) and while I flopped a monster draw that I would never get away from in a cash game, playing the hand this way in a tournament is best (I believe). The turn was an 8s, giving me the nut flush. I checked, the mid position player made it 1500 and the button made it 5k. Wow! What a weird spot to be in. I decided that the button could never be raising with just a naked Q so he either had a made flush or a boat. I think more often than not, he has a flush here because he might just call with a boat to induce me to come along as well. Still, he could be a player who prefers not to slow play his hands and instead just decide to raise for value. Truth is, he has to build a pot sometime if he has a boat. I took a long time and decided to fold my hand, also knowing that the mid position player liked to slowplay (he had shown the propensity already earlier in the tournament). The mid position player immediately went all in and the button was forced to call. The mid position player flipped over KQ for the flopped boat and the button had 3s4s. The button’s play is atrocious throughout the hand but he saved me money. Everyone at the table was shocked I could lay down such a big hand, especially with the redraw to a royal flush. But, in reality, if I am not ahead, I have one out which makes an all-in the less than prudent choice. Overall, the tournament was very strange for me. I was dealt a lot of hands and I was also put in some other interesting spots because I was being super aggressive throughout the day. I love hearing people say things like “you keep raising me” or “you are making my life hell.” That means I’m doing my job correctly. In fact, when I got to my day 2 table, an opponent who I had sat with the day before was adamant that if I had not been at his table, his chip stack would have been more than double what it was at the time. Things like that mean my style is working. I guess I play the role of the crazy internet kid pretty damn well.

Think I’m going to go golfing today with Joe. Until later…


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  1. Dad on

    Good entry. Loved reading this. Sent a text a couple of hours ago – part of my questons answered here. How was golf?

  2. Uncle Jeff on

    I was a little early on the birthday wishes last week. Happy birthday officially today. Keep going deep into those tournaments and you will get one under your belt. How come you are not playing more live cash games versus tournaments?

  3. Aunt Sue on

    Today is June 30th. Happy Birthday!!!! Always thinking about you. We missed you Sunday. Your dad built a fire pit and the kids had a blast making & eating s’mores…great family time and delicious food for the college graduation celebration. The weather has been beautiful. I’ve been following your blog with lots of help from Uncle Jeff.(He’s my poker term tutor.) At the end of my day I look forward to deciphering your Vegas Pilgrimage. We are all well. Stu moved home yesterday. The house is a bit chaotic but I’m enjoying having both Michele and Stu home. I hope you have an incredible birthday doing all the things you love. HAVE FUN!

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