Won my ME Seat!!!!

Won a 12k package on FTP just now…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Roller coaster of emotions FTWWWWWWWWWWWW


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  1. Goah on


  2. ryan on


  3. lazar on

    Atta boy! Congrats.

  4. Michael Resnick on

    How about some details on how you won your seat?

  5. Uncle David on

    Keep on trucking… luck is fickle and as you know runs in streaks… Josh I have a question for you and take this the right way, it seems that you play the cards by the odds vs. the luck while other players around you seem to play the “Luck” and sometimes I strss the sometimes they get the draw… In reality will you loose more often then win win you play for the luck??? Or do you need to do it “sometimes” to both keep your oponents honest and or concerned about you???? On line it seems you play against more people like you a “pure odds” player and then you get the pigeons who dont know what they are doing and they are easy picking for you (I use the term easy but know you work hard).In face to face the players seem to take more chances. I have been watching the turnements on espn etc. the past few weeeks including the heads up turnement and are seeing the recognizable names play hands that dont make sense to me and they seem to pull out a card on river that gives them the win….. do the follow the lottery slogan you have to play to win or do they know somthing I dont and cant figure out????
    I have rambled enough… go get em and good luck… Love you Uncle David

  6. Dad on

    The answer to Uncle David: may be yes, and no.

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