Guns and Butter

Sorry for the lack of inactivity, but with Jess in town, I haven’t played much poker. Yesterday we sat out by the pool and hung around the house, taking advantage of the Vegas weather. One interesting note: a bird landed in the pool as Jess and I were sitting on the patio. Unfortunately, it appeared to have a broken wing, so it wasn’t able to get out of the pool. I scooped him out and put him on the patio and proceeded to call every wildlife/animal control/non-emergency police in Vegas for help. No one would come out to rescue the bird so we were going to put him in a box and bring him to an animal hospital. But, when we tried to capture him to put him in the box a few hours later, he was able to fly somewhat. So we decided to give him a day to recuperate. Now, the reason why I bring all this up is because our house got crushed last night online. We all decided that this strange incident was an omen. So, moral of the story, when you have a run-in with a strange injured animal, do not do anything that involves luck, gambling or risk around the same time.

Going to a gun range now*. Want to see Jess try to fire a few rounds into a target. I have this strange feeling that she is really going to enjoy it. Pz

*Updated with a few pics of Joe, Jess and Craig shooting at the range:


4 comments so far

  1. John Tumazos on


    You hanging around gun ranges? Teaching Jess how to shoot?

    You better watch out, and really behave yourself. Cannot even inspire the illusion of jealousy or insecurity. She must be one fine gal.


  2. david on

    please allow an older man to give you some unsolicited advice. its probably not a good idea to teach girlfriends, (or wives for that matter), how to shoot a gun.
    good luck.
    david (jess’ dad)

  3. AG on

    “Go west young man” doesn’t necessarily require one learn to shoot. Is it something in the air out there? How was the wedding? How about a couple of pictures of you and Jess for the next blog? Miss you.

  4. moby on

    AWESOME, you better not piss Jess off now….

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