Sundays + Weather/Food Report

Anyone who plays poker online knows that Sunday is like Christmas, the Superbowl and New Years all rolled into one. It’s the day when fortunes are typically won and lost, as tournaments range in buy-ins from one dollar to thousands and prizepools reach over $1 million easily. It’s also the day when I typically want to throw my computer out the window due mostly to bad beats. This Sunday had a strange twist to it…

My goal yesterday was to pick up a seat for the World Series main event. I played in four tournaments that awarded seats – unfortunately, I came up just short in all four. I came in 7th in a tournament out of a few hundred people where 3 were awarded a seat. I came in 6th in a tournament of a few hundred people where 4 were awarded a seat. And, I came in 17th in a 500-person tournament where 14 received a seat. I also went deep in a few other tournaments, but no big scores to report. Instead, I won money playing cash, so the day wasn’t a complete loss. It’s a weird feeling to lose over and over again and still come out on top for the day. In fact, usually my Sundays are only riddled with tournament heartache (I rarely play cash tables while playing the 6-10 tournaments I’m in at any given time). So, overall, winning money good. Not winning seats bad. I’ll attempt to win that seat this week. I’m traveling to Atlanta for a wedding this weekend, so I won’t be able to retry any of the tournaments on Sunday. But, I’ll get to catch up with some old friends and celebrate a friend’s wedding.

Jess comes to town today, so I won’t be playing as much poker this week. Might be somewhat slow, sorry to say.

A friend asked that I include a little section about the weather and food in Vegas. Jeff, this is for you – the weather is hot and dry. Enjoying the climate overall, though. I was built for warm weather. Also, the food has been so-so. We are still trying to hire a chef. Unfortunately, we are all too lazy, so we are hoping the lady in charge of the house will just do it for us (she offered). Jeff, I’ll let you know when/if that happens and what we are eating at that point. For now, just know that I have gotten my fair share of In-N-Out and Raising Cane’s Chicken.


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