Saturday, June 13th

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. Really didn’t feel like making any posts due to my mental state (would have been way too upset/tilted to make sense of anything).

After busting from the $1500 on Thursday, I went over to the Venetian to sweat Joe in the day two of his tournament. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any good seating arrangements for spectators so I sat in at a 2/5 game and waited for updates. I usually don’t play this low live but the list for 5/10 was long, so I just sat and waited. Within 10 hands, I got it in with a set (999) vs a flush draw and AK vs AJ on an A-high board. Lost both hands. I had to leave the table just to make sure I didn’t react violently if another bad beat was coming. I walked around, talked to a few people and cleared my head. Joe ended up busting in 17th (sigh) and we decided to hit up Gran Lux for some food instead of pokering. The rest of the day is somewhat of a blur.

Yesterday, I played in another $500 Venetian tournament. Lost AK vs 88 for a big flip 6 hours in and then got slowrolled by a dude’s KK. The final hand is pretty funny actually – folded around to a dude on my left who was in the hijack. I had been stealing at will from the table, but no one had seen my hands, so no one knew I had caca. He opened 4.5x the BB with 25bb total. Usually online this is a snapfold, but against live donks, people fold after opening way too big all the time. To give you an idea of how bad this is, normally, online players open 2.2-2.5x the bb so that if they get raised and they have a bad hand, they are losing less chips (among other reasons). I look down at AQ and shove for his entire stack. Folds back to him. He literally takes 5 minutes. Then says, “well I guess you are an internet player. I’ve already folded this once today preflop” and calls with KK. KK is the second best starting hand in poker and should almost never be folded preflop. It is atrocious to even consider folding in this spot, but apparently, this dude thought I had to have AA to shove. In reality, I’d shove here with AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010, AK, AQ, maybe 99, 88, AJ suited, A10 suited and maybe a pure bluff (For all those that don’t play poker, sorry if I just made that too confusing). Essentially, my shoving range is like 10-15 hands and this player just thinks its like 3-4 hands. Just bad.

The rest of the day we hung out around the house. I happened to play a few tournaments online last night and came in 3rd in one for $4500. Always helps to bolster the online roll I guess.

Anyway, might go golfing today if Joe is up to it. Tomorrow, we will be grinding online and then Monday, Jess, my gf, comes to town for the week. Have a good weekend everyone


4 comments so far

  1. JD on

    Say fuck it and just do the damn thing. It can be as easy as that if you want it to be.

  2. Michael Resnick on

    I am a friend of Dayle’s and have been reading your analysis for a few days. Please keep up to date with the blog and the more hand detail, the better. I am trying to live vicariously through you… Maybe if I qualify online for the ME, I will look you up in Vegas. All the best and be patient. Bad beats happen, but you will beat it in the long run. Just tighten up for a short time if you have to.

  3. AG on

    Ok – got this comment thing down. Should be short and sweet. Earlier comment said everyone expereinces shit with work. Don’t worry. Things change.
    Love you.

  4. shauna on

    I think everyone has moments in work when their confidence is rocked. You will get through it and be smarter for it. Trust me, it happens in doctoring… Enjoy your week with Jess, eat well, sleep well and you’ll play well. Love you, take care of yourself. And keep on blogging…

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