Such is my poker career

Busted from the 1500 in the last hand before the first break. Was contemplating taking different trickier lines with big hands early in the tournament bc the structure is so bad. Elky, one of the best tournament players in the world, was at my table. He opened the hijack and I flatted in the sb with kk. The bb also called. The flop came j64. I checked, bb checked and elky bet 525. I made it 1250. Bb folded and elky went all in. I snap called and he flipped over j10. Obviously he hit a 10 on the river and just like that I failed to make the break again. I’m pretty tilted bc I feel like it was basically my luck power vs elky’s and I didn’t stand a chance. Kinda sounds stupid but whatever. I’m over at the Venetian sweating joe and playing some cash. Gl me


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  1. Dad on

    How’d you do at the Venetian? Your blog is certainly realistic. Hopefully your luck will change and you are making enough to keep on. Things at home are a litle wild today. Mom and I took Stephie and Brad last night for dinner and the movie UP. Movie was good. they slept over, and J Man is here with Andy and Bella. Andy came for Yoga. We also had two plumbers, our lady landscaper, and Lydia is here. There were four girls plus me and Mom and Marcy for yoga.
    Tomorrow and Sunday I play in the Ryder Cup, a big tournament at Hillcrest – played shitty with Zach on Wednesday – hope that’s past. Getting a new range finder from you guys for my birthday – missed you at the bday dinner Sunday. Lots happening in the office – business is good and we are working on lots of cases. Hopefully they will move through and we will pay for a lot in the next 3 to 6 months.
    Did you actually get to play that round you mentioned? You should enjoy what Vegas has to offer while you’re there. Maybe with that, luck will change.
    Let’s talk when you get time maybe later. I should be in office all afternoon after 2:00 – have a lunch at Northmoor CC with a guy who is bringing business to us, but someone I have to watch.
    Be good; relax. Love you.

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