Yesterday, I played in the $500 event at Venetian. I ran surprisingly well for the first hour or two, more than doubling my starting stack. The tournament is really juicy – they get anywhere from 500-900 people for every one and the play is just atrocious. It’s a deep stack tournament, meaning you start with 15,000 in chips and blinds start at a measly 50/100. For me, this means I get to play postflop, which is where my strengths lie.

So, I was cruising along, up to 60,000 after the second break. But, after that, it was all downhill. I was obviously raising plenty of hands, and usually with my hood on, older players tend to think that I am an aggressive internet kid (translation: they don’t like to be pushed around by a kid). When I opened a pot for a raise, the BB called and the flop came out 964. Granted I had absolutely no piece, but when he checked, I fired a standard continuation bet. The opponent, an older gentlemen took 2 minutes, at first looking to call, then adding chips to the call, then finally chickening out and just folding. That’s what aggression does at a poker table – makes people talk to themselves. So, I already knew this player was looking to get involved in a pot with me. 20 minutes later, I opened his BB again and he flatted. This time, I had A9, a medium strength holding. The flop came out beautiful Ah9s10s. When my opponent checked, I fired a bet that was literally 50 or 75 chips more than my preflop bet. This means that I fired a bet that was less than half the size of the pot (very small). Generally, continuation bets don’t have to be big. But, once you start making them smaller than half the pot, people start to get suspicious. This opponent was no different – he raised to 8000 more, leaving himself with 10k behind. The bet was committing, but sometimes because I think he has complete air here, I flatted. He is going to have to shove every turn anyway, but he is not going to call off all his chips if I shove the flop assuming he has 45 or kq. The small continuation bet makes people spaz a lot, and I was certain this was no different. Plus, I already had an A and a 9, so the likelihood of him having much on the flop was very slim. The turn was a 2 of spades, not the best card in the deck, but I didn’t think it would stop him from getting it in. Oddly, he checked, I shoved and he called with the good ole 7d8s. He had picked up a flush draw on the turn, but his hand was very bleh to begin with. To check call the all in instead of just shoving is bad on so many levels I don’t even want to explain. Of course, a jack spiked on the river and he dragged a massive pot, leaving me with 20x the BB left. Later on, I got it in against 88 with AK for the 20bb and obviously wiffed, making me 0-3 in all in flips so far this trip.

The tournament was so juicy, I plan to go back many many times (starting today). First prize is still 80kish every day and the play is just so abysmal. I’ll post a few cash game hands when/if the blog dies down.

One of my roommates cashed in the 2k event at the WSOP for 8kish. He ended up getting eliminated around 55th place. I was really looking forward to railing the final table, guess I’ll just have to wait until someone else hits something. Also, everyone in the house is ill, except me. Usually its the other way around, so I’m thinking that living in the Casita is more beneficial than originally thought.

floyd_mayweatherWe saw Floyd Mayweather jogging yesterday literally 2 blocks from our house. He was being followed by two people in a sick Phantom. I took a few pics with my phone, but I’m still trying to figure out how to put up them on here. I really wanted to get out of the car and start trailing him like in Rocky. Of course, I would have lasted all of 1/2 a mile at his pace, but I still think it would have been pretty ridiculous.

time to peace. GLGL


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  1. Roz on


    Looks like you are having a great time! Your house is gorgeous! Win or lose we hope you are having fun!

    Roz and Steve

  2. Uncle David on

    1st Aunt Jan says she lost you somewhere between the flop and the river…..hope your luck has changed a little (or a lot ?????)…. But I have a sure fired way to change it if it hasn’t. Now I dont tell everyone this method but here it goes. Go to the farthest southern area of the house or the grounds where you are staying. Put both your arms up in the air and down three times. The third time shake you arms and hands and yell as loud as you can “Buga Buga”. That will do it guaranteed!!!!!
    Go Get Em
    Love you
    Uncle David

  3. Sean Wallis on

    I’m living vicariously through you. Keep the updates coming my man. Your bro is fine don’t let his pain and suffering effect your play. I was gonna write a blog about my Z league experience this summer but it probably wouldn’t be too exciting or widely read.

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