Lost a huge flip yesterday against a foreigner to bust from the 2k. It’s not secret to most of my poker playing friends that I have been running exceptionally bad recently – and so far, the past few days have not been an exception. I still like my play; with a stack of 5100 I got it in with 1010 vs AK all in preflop with an extra 2.7k in the pot in dead money. An ace peeled off on the flop and it was adios. I have a few friends that made it to day two, so I’m hoping they continue to crush so I can sweat a final table. We grinded yesterday after most people busted. Really enjoying the house – the dynamic is great between all the guys.

I’m going to play the $500 tournament at the Venetian today. Should be a complete fling fest (lots of random idiots going all in). I’ll try to update via my phone.

Thanks for all the comments guys!


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  1. Dayle Levine on


    Hi! I am enjoying your blog!!! Stephie and I tune in everyday! Keep it up. Good luck and I am sure you will start to run better soon! Just keep having fun! Zach is doing better and Mom and Dad are home with him now. Miss and Love you! Tell Jess we miss her too!

    Love, Dayle

  2. Dad on

    Loved the line: “this is my life and I’m living it my way…” Blog is great, maybe as much because of your ability to write as for the content. Very exciting. For those who couldn’t imagine such an experience, we all get to live vicariously through you. I am going to show this to Mom later, but I know she’s going to want to write back and ask if you’re eating regulalry and when we can all come and stay in the Casita Grande with you (700 sq. ft. should hold us all – I’ll call your sisters too) I know you’d love that. Got to go! Love you and want you to know I had signed up for the Hold Em tourny on board the ship but had to leave before. Think maybe your skill is heritary! Was going to email you for tips.

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