New Day

Overall, yesterday was very odd. After hearing about what was going on at home, I was struggling with my ‘eye of the tiger’ mentality. I busted from both tournaments relatively quickly with a somewhat dejected feeling. It’s not that losing a tournament makes me that upset, because everyone knows, you lose almost all the ones you play. It was more that I wasn’t in Chicago to help out and be with the family. After I got some good news regarding my brother, the live ‘light switch’ turned on – I was ready to play. Sat down at a 5/10 cash table at the Venetian and grinded out a win for the day. Felt good to finally play my ‘A’ game live. Then, came home, ate dinner, took a spa and then grinded for the rest of the night. For the record, Jose Canseco did bust me out the Venetian tournament. He was literally playing like a maniac so I chose a spot where I am generally ahead of his range but apparently wasn’t ahead of his hand. Meh. I took a picture of him on my phone, but I’m still trying to figure out how to upload to the blog.

I’ve decided to play in the 2k event today. I’ve sold half my action again and I’m going to go in with a better mindset. After all, I’m a professional and I am here to work.

I might include a hand or two in my next blog post from my computer. Played 1-2 interesting cash game hands and 0 interesting tournament hands. We’ll see how it goes after today.

For all those that asked, we are paying 22k for 6 weeks in the house. That includes all the utilities and cleaning.


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  1. Uncle David on

    Just wanted you to know that I am enjoying the Blog….. Go get em!!!!!!!

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