p_1600_1200_5A662433-A6D7-4863-9B07-EE260A0B163D.jpegAlready busted from the 1500. Ran poorly and then lost a flip. Got some disturbing news about my brother so my head was elsewhere. Think he is doing somewhat better now. Ran over to the Venetian and jumped in the 300 dollar tourney that has 800 ppl. Playing with jose canseco on my right now.


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  1. Eric on

    This is Eric from Dave’s game, sick house GL man.

  2. Uncle David on

    Josh: sorry you didn’t do well in that tournment….. hope you are doing or did better in after games…. Tell Conseco to strike out as he did most of the time with men in scoring position. Just dont give him any of your money.. \

    By the way Zack is doing better… they took him home and he was hungry… wanted Dayle to go out and get him Popyees…. Dayle got him chicken soup.

    Interesting how you can sell yourself… the arrest women for doing that!!! Oh thats right your in Vegas.

    Keep your head in the game.. and win some $$$$$$$.
    Love Uncle David

  3. David on

    lol your head was elsewhere? Thanks for dusting off my $750

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